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The JobHub is a revolutionary, cloud-based recruitment system designed to minimize administration and data entry for all sectors of the
recruitment process. How does it work?  Why should we use it?

JobHubService API can be used in conjunction with any system.


The JobHub was designed to get recruiters like you back to doing what you’re good at: Spending time talking to candidates so you can connect the right people with the right positions. Eliminate the need to log in to all of your job boards and enter the same information over and over again.

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Job Boards


Once you've integrated your software with the JobHub, you'll be on your way to eliminating the need to manage your clients data and focus on what matters most; attracting the most qualified candidates for your clients positions. With the JobHub you can now standardize and automate the data exchange with all of your clients.

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Applicant Tracking Systems


Stop managing dozens of Job Board API's and different data exchanges. Integrate with the JobHub and provide your clients a single, seamless environment for directing their organizations open positions to the different Job Boards they have relationships with.

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