Hiring Organizations

Everyone has heard the adage "Work smarter, not harder". The JobHub takes the grunt work out of recruiting, giving you the ability to synchronize and distribute all of your job postings from one place.


The JobHub virtually eliminates data entry when candidates apply to your jobs, because your participating vendors electronically transmit candidate data directly through the JobHub to the destination of your choice, such as an applicant tracking system.

  • Manage your jobs by plugging the JobHub into your applicant tracking system, or from JobHubService.com.

  • Create your Job Posting one time. Then you may select which vendors (job boards) to share each job with. Or you may choose to share all of your jobs with any of the vendors you choose

  • Connect your corporate website to the JobHub, and the job postings there can also be populated by the job hub.

  • The average recruiter only captures data on 15-20% of the candidates who come across his/her desk.

  • Most recruiters feel like they are too busy to data enter candidates who are not a fit for their open positions.

  • Because the jobHub will transfer candidates into your candidate database automatically, recruiters can focus their efforts on candidates who are a match now and have access to the other candidates for future needs.

  • Seeing an immediate impact on your ability to deny search firms the right to placement fees.

Large organizations have a distinct advantage in recruiting in that they have the resources to build a large internal database of candidates. When large organizations have new job openings, they have the luxury of searching through their internal database for candidates before having to spend any money on external resources.


The JobHub gives small organizations to recruiting like larger organizations because it gives them the ability to build large internal candidate databases with virtually no man-power. The JobHub lets any organization turn their candidate database a self-sustaining, fully automated candidate pipeline.