Job Boards

standardize your job and candidate data exchange

Once you've integrated your software with the JobHub, you'll be on your way to eliminating the need to manage your clients data and focus on what matters most: generating the most qualified candidates for your clients positions. With the JobHub you can now standardize and automate the data exchange with all of your clients.

If the clients you have now are sending jobs directly to you in spreadsheets or you are scraping them from their corporate website, surely you know what a fragile process this is. Error prone and requiring resources to manage, it's a part of your business that you would like to simplify and streamline. Every client you have, potentially has a different set of rules for exchanging data. Wouldn't it be better to use a standardized technology to exchange data in the same way? What would you do with all of those freed resources? Build better products? Attract more clients? Hire a great sales or marketing professional? Maybe just keep the money you'll save in "the till"?

Once you and your clients are connected, you’ll only need to manage one data connection that uses the same set of rules for everyone. This is the future of recruiting; Job advertisers will instantly recognize the added value of our service. Integrate your system now so you can rest assured that you’re at the top of your industry and are constantly working to make life easier for your clients by streamlining your processes and perfecting your products and services.

Integrate now, before your clients decide instead to work with a job board that’s already connected to The JobHub.