Effective 10/2014

We are a Health System or a Single Hospital / Clinic. (Also for Vendors who will be connecting to this type of organization.)


We are Another type of Organization.

The JobHub charges a relationship fee for each job board, applicant tracking system or other vendor that you wish to connect with your data on the JobHub. When the relationship is created, the recruiter can indicate if the hiring organization or the vendor will assume financial responsibility for this fee. Many Job Boards/Applicant Tracking Systems will pay for the fees on their client's behalf, so you will want to discuss this with your vendors before creating these relationships.

In the event that you are using the JobHub to share data within your organization between different systems or as cloud storage, the fee is essentially calculated in the same manner for each application that will be connecting and/or upon connection frequency and/or the amount of data being exchanged/stored with the JobHub. Please Contact Us for pricing if this applies to your organization.

For billing purposes, we define organizations as either Non-Tiered or Tiered.

A non-tiered organization is only recruiting from one location, e.g. a single hospital. A tiered organization (also can be understood as an organization with multiple locations) hires for several sites or locations at the same time, e.g. a large Health System with multiple hospitals.

For non-tiered organizations, we charge $35.00 per month for each relationship established between the hiring organization and a vendor (e.g. a job board or applicant tracking system) This price is based on your organization having an industry average number of active jobs and candidates in our system at any given time. Numbers that exceed these averages are subject to price adjustments.

These prices are initially based on the Tiered organization's total size (including parent and all child organizations) as well as job and candidate data to be fairly consistent with industry averages. Numbers that exceed these averages are subject to price adjustments from what is listed below.

# of Child Organizations. ~ # of Jobs. Monthly Cost per Vendor Connection
# of Child Organizations: 2-5 ~ # of Jobs: ~ less than 30 Monthly Cost per Vendor Connection: 50.00
# of Child Organizations: 6-10 ~ # of Jobs: ~ less than 50 Monthly Cost per Vendor Connection: 75.00
# of Child Organizations: 11-25 ~ # of Jobs: ~ less than 125 Monthly Cost per Vendor Connection: 100.00
# of Child Organizations: 26-50 ~ # of Jobs: ~ less than 250 Monthly Cost per Vendor Connection: 125.00
# of Child Organizations: 51-75 ~ # of Jobs: ~ less than 375 Monthly Cost per Vendor Connection: 150.00
# of Child Organizations: 76-100 ~ # of Jobs: ~ less than 500 Monthly Cost per Vendor Connection: 175.00
# of Child Organizations: 100-150 ~ # of Jobs: ~ less than 750 Monthly Cost per Vendor Connection: 200.00
# of Child Organizations: More than 150 ~ # of Jobs: More than 750 Monthly Cost per Vendor Connection: Contact Us for pricing.

There are many ways in which you may want to leverage our technology. In order to provide pricing information we will need to have a general understanding about the amount of job and candidate data you will be moving thru our system, as well as service access frequencies. Please Contact Us so we can discuss your organizations needs.