manage all of your job postings for multiple vendors from one login.

Over the years, the recruitment industry has grown ever more complex. To advertise positions effectively, recruiters must build accounts with sometimes dozens of job boards simultaneously. That takes time, and maintaining those accounts can be a drain on your resources.

The JobHub was designed to get recruiters like you back to doing what you’re good at. Spending more time talking to candidates and less time managing your positions with the different job boards you work with. Enter your jobs in to the JobHub, HR suite or Applicant Tracking System one time and you are done. There's no reason to log in to different vendor websites and enter the same information over and over again. When applicants apply to your positions, all of their information will be immediately available to you in the JobHub or your connecting software. You can say "goodbye" to data entry.

The JobHub also makes updating postings a breeze. If the terms of a position change (e.g. a part-time position becomes full-time) there’s no need to go back and update all your job postings one by one. Just make the change once, via your connecting software or from, and all of the postings will be automatically updated to reflect the new information.